What Are Your Top 3 Excuses For Working Out?

Personal trainers are dedicated to providing you with motivation to conquer your fitness goals. But sometimes the motivation isn’t quite there. Here are the top 3 excuses that I hear as a personal trainer in regards to training. And more importantly, here’s how you can overcome them:

1) I Have No Time/Too Busy

I have numerous time slots available (morning, afternoon and evening). And I have clients that are more than willing to have people jump in and train with them. Ultimately, this makes the sessions cheaper for all parties, so it’s a win-win for everyone! Small group training can be a fun and affordable way to get in shape!

2) I Can’t Afford Personal Training

I have different options available to meet you within your financial budget. I offer personal training, small group training, and online training. All three of which beat the prices of big box gyms. Always remember… this is an investment in yourself and with proper guidance, possibilities for a healthier life are endless!

3) I Have Kids

Children are allowed to come with their parents. Parents are actually the best role models for their children by exposing fitness to them first hand.

These are all excuses and the real reason is simple….YOU’RE AFRAID OF CHANGE!

You should be more afraid of what happens if you DON’T make a change.


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