“With New Year’s resolutions just around the corner and with some of you starting to comment that I look different, I thought I would share with you what I have been doing for the past few months. I am down two full dress sizes and feel healthier and stronger than I have for many years. My blood pressure is lower and my cholesterol is also down. I owe it all to Adam at Fit 2 Function Personal Training! No gimmicks – no supplements – I’m just working out hard (cardio, strength training and nutrition). My personal recommendation is, don’t look for the quick promises and gimmicks of losing 25+ pounds in just one month. You will just gain it all back and get frustrated. It’s an investment in your life which takes time when you do it the right way!  Pick an option that’s right for you and your lifestyle! Stop making excuses! I finally did!”

“I began working with Adam in April 2012. From the first moment I met Adam, I recognized an energy in him that I’ve never found in any other personal trainer. You could tell he cared about my personal progress. I trained with Adam 2x a week for almost a year. On top of the 2x a week training sessions, he also emailed me 5 other weekly workouts to do on my own time. I’ve never had a personal trainer provide me assistance or workouts outside of my training sessions with them. I learned a lot about nutrition and exercise. If you show up to train, commit to your home workouts and are honest about what you are doing, you will see AMAZING results from Adam!!! It’s not hard, but it does require commitment and honesty!
I have lost almost 100 lbs, lost 10 dress sizes, and feel amazing mentally and physically. Adam helped me build up courage to run competitively which is something I had never done. As a former athlete from many years ago, it was amazing to have that competitive feeling again.”


“In 2016, my life was looking much better after finding Adam Willis with Fit 2 Function! Adam is more than a personal trainer. When I chose Adam I was looking for someone to help me run better and get healthier.  What I found was a trainer that has not only helped me accomplish those things,  but I now also like the woman I see in the mirror. I feel confident and have an abundance of energy. This was possible because Adam always motivates you by teaching you how to boost your  metabolism, workout efficiently, and not give up because he is always cheering you on and letting you know you will get there.  His daily quotes are inspiring and funny and his workouts make you feel  amazing.  With commitment and Adam, you will be feeling great and this time it will be permanent!”

“Training with Adam has been a life changing experience! I have always been an athletic person but Adam has opened my mind to new ways of training. My love for sports was undeniable. But all that had to end after I had my C-section with my first son in February 2016… I thought I would never have my body back, especially with the never-ending pain I felt. A couple months after I gave birth I decided I needed a change, not only for myself but to show my son how to be healthy. I was heavier than I had ever been and was not used to it. So I reached out for help. Meeting with Adam was a huge relief because he was straight forward with everything and didn’t try to sell me on a time frame of when I’d lose a certain amount of weight, I went at my own pace and he followed by my side. He also gave me workouts and a meal plan that fit to my lifestyle. Today, I look amazing and I LOVE that I can say that. I’ve never had this much confidence. I never could look in the mirror and feel pretty. But I do now! If anyone is looking for a personal trainer, Adam is the one to go to!”

“I have been utilizing Fit 2 Function’s Online Personal Training program for almost 2 months now. I already had a set workout schedule at my gym before starting the online program. Adam, the owner of Fit 2 Function assessed my workouts and built two supplemental workouts for me to add on to each week. I work full time but the workouts he designs uses very little equipment and can easily be done at home or at the gym. That, along with the nutritional support he provides, has allowed me to lose weight and inches steadily. Before using this program, I was at standstill even though I considered myself very active. I highly recommend this online training program!”
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