Lunch Tips At The Office

Trying to save your pennies and eat healthier?

A poorly nutritious sandwich and a sugary drink will cost you almost $10—and that’s on the cheap side.  What you eat also has a direct impact on how you feel throughout the day.  If you consume a bunch of processed foods and refined sugars, you’ll feel sluggish and bloated. And if you are at the office, your productivity could just go right down the drain.

Instead, you can pocket the money, keep your energy, and enjoy healthy and delicious food simply by planning ahead a little bit more. By packing a lunch, you get to decide exactly what you eat, which keeps you accountable and helps you avoid sudden cravings for unhealthy alternatives. Let’s be honest. You may intend to pick up a salad from the burger place down the street, but the smell of fries is enough to take you off course. Even the most disciplined person’s best intentions will probably fail.

Here are a few lunch tips for the office:

Store food at the office. To quit eating a drive-thru breakfast, store everything you need at work for the week, from bowls and cereal to bananas and milk. It just helps having everything prepared for you when you get there. That way, you’ll have no excuse to grab that 600 calorie breakfast sandwich on the way to work.

Take it outside. Grab some friends and head to a nearby park with your healthy brown bag lunch. You’ll feel refreshed and enjoy the break in your day, which in turn will help you stay balanced with wanting to eat healthier. Take a short walk after you eat if time allows. Spring is the perfect time to start.

Pack things you’ll actually want to eat. If the thought of eating another bland salad makes you want to duck for cover, pack a tastier lunch such as leftovers from last night’s dinner. It’s still better than grabbing a greasy burger.

If lunch isn’t something you like, then it will be a chore. Make sure you’re giving yourself something to look forward to.  If you wouldn’t be satisfied with it at home, don’t pack it for lunch. And with a little planning, you might be pleasantly surprised with your return of investment – a healthier, happy, more productive YOU!





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