A New Year State of Mind

It seems like every December 31st, we make big promises that the next day will be the day we make changes to eat better, lose weight and get healthy. Regardless of the reason, you should first set up yourself for success or that resolution will end before it even begins.

One suggestion for nutrition goals is to research the Paleo diet where your motivation for self-improvement doesn’t revolve around a number on the scale. The Paleo diet advocates unprocessed animals and plants, including meat, fish, eggs, vegetables, fruits, nuts and seeds. It excludes processed foods, sugar, dairy and grains.

When peoples start eating the Paleo way, they often lose weight, feel less hungry and experience fewer cravings for sugary foods. The energy level will begin to increase and muscles will begin to appear. This way of eating can actually reverse diabetes, reduce your cancer risk, assist in avoiding heart disease as well as reduce inflammation in your joints. Many people also report that they have even been able to come off some of their medications.

Sticking to a New Year’s resolution is about making small improvements over an extended period of time and to also make them realistic when personalizing your goals. Surrounding yourself with supportive people like a personal trainer, will help you with these goals as you sail through one of the most important investments of your life – your health! Whether it be nutrition, weight loss, or strength training, hiring a personal trainer will help you work on these individualized goals to improve the quality of your life. Isn’t it time you make an investment in yourself?


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